Matt Blickem


This is a 3D mobile robot simulation whose functionality focuses on demonstration and simulation of navigational algorithms. Capabilities include interfacing with external navigation algorithm assemblies (.DLL files), simple modelling of robot kinematics and depth sensors, and highly configurable simulations with CSV data logging.

BotNavSim is my Engineering Masters project at Loughborough University. With guidance from my supervisor I developed the project aim, objectives, requirements and from there designed components that would be implemented primarily using Unity3D.

Development of this project, as with many of my software projects, I have kept open. You can visit my Trello board and peek at my project plans. You can visit the GitHub repository too, if you like.

Tutorial in developing with Unreal 4

With the help of the Computer Society and fellow game developer Ben Wilson I delivered a follow-along talk on building your first game in Unreal 4. The talk lasted a little under three hours and was well received by the students at Loughborough University.

The screen and microphone audio for the talk was recorded on Twitch which you can view here. A supporting handout document was also provided for those following along with the talk.

I really enjoyed doing the talk and I'd like to do more in the future! Maybe even before the end of term if I can find the time.... :)

Bomb Disposal System

In our third year at the School of Electronic, Electrical and Systems Engineering we are asked to develop a prototype Bomb Disposal System. Throughout the project our supervisors emulated engineering customers that were very specific about some things and very vague about others. It was our job to elicit engineering requirements, plan for potential changes beyond our control, and strive for innovative solutions.

We did alright by me.